Periphery# 2 Avenida

I love walking around Avenida area during my art school days. Up to now I keep coming back to this place with my camera. Year 1999.


It is difficult to be present in the present when mind travels to worrying of the future or doubting the past.

Seeing the little things that mean nothing or trash to most people is paying attention to life as it happens, when we live each moment at a time. Like feeling a twinge of pity for a stray dog limping along Recto–the same pang one feels for an actress’  blind stare after having sex, in a bold movie. Or the spark of curiosity aroused by the  smear of coffee from an upturned cup on the floor of a basement parking lot. What kind of person would leave without caring about the spill?

Photography creates its own borders and space. It can either show nothing more than what we see with our own eyes, or something more beyond the picture.

Photography may show how little our eyes permit us to see. Or it can show us the peripheries: the fringes of life, the edges of reality, the unimportant yet essential to the consciousness of being in the present and living each moment like no other.

These are my peripheries, hidden and seen.